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We believe that honesty has helped our company to thrive in this industry. With our honest reports and quotes, we gained trust from our patrons. Results don’t lie. So, we dedicate our time and effort to meet an organized and meticulous process leading to an excellent output. We walk you through in every step of the process so you’ll have an idea on the status of the project.

Even in the smallest detail such as removing debris from the workplace, we won’t disappoint you. The organization skills of our team have helped in creating an efficient process. We don’t jump from one task to the other without completing the task for the day. We have our to-do checklist that guides us.


Tulsa Construction and Roofing guarantees a well-coordinated project from start to finish. You’ll never experience a communication hiccup that delays the process. Our team comes on time and we always meet our schedule. If we find roadblocks during the project, we’ll let you know. It increases the chance of keeping the plans and quotes that we agreed from day one. To maintain an undisrupted communication, we keep our lines open. You can call us now and test how responsive we are.


Tulsa Construction and Roofing values transparency. We provide you an extensive report and detailed quote that helps you evaluate the process of the project. When you hire us, we will show you the real condition of your roof so we’re on the same page as we start the project. If we’re starting from scratch, we provide you the portfolio we have on-hand so you can decide the roof you want to have. After you choose among the options we provide you, we give you a detailed quote.


We give you the time to analyze the detailed quote before we start. We value your hard-earned money and we understand that you want to check the scope of the project. You can ask questions if you think that we include an item that we didn’t discuss. When we finalize a quote, we ensure that it’s fixed until the last phase. Guaranteed, no hidden charges!